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HTML Tutorial: Tables

Tables are used to display information in the tabular form. The table is created using <table> tag. The rows in the table are defined by the <tr> tag. According to the heading of the table is defined by <th> tag which is by default bold and center. Each cell of the table is defined with <td> tag.

Attributes of table:

• Border – This attribute is used to set border to the table. If we do not want any border then we can set it to ‘0’.

For Example -

<table border = “2”>

• Cellpadding and Cellspacing – According to homework answers service this attribute is used to adjust the space in the cell of the table. Space between table cells is defined by cellspacing and distance between the cell borders and the text in the cell is calledcellpadding.

For Example -

<table cellspacing = “4” cellpadding = “4”>

• Background – We can set the background of the table or a cell using bgcolor and change the color of the border using bordercolor.

For Example -

<table bgcolor = “green” bordercolor = “red”>

• Height and Width – We can set the Height and Width of the table using height and width attribute. Images and Links

Images :

We can insert images in the web pages to make it attractive. <img> tagis used to insert an image. Attributes of < img >

• Height & Width – We can set the height and width of an image.

<img src = “Url of image” width = value height = value / >

• Image border – We can set the border to an image specifying the thickness of it.

<img src = “Url of image” border = value / >

• Align – We can align an image to left, right and center of the screen.

<img src = “Url of image” align = “alignment” / >

Links :

According to financial accounting help homework expert links in webpage can direct us to different parts of the page or to some other page. The links are called as hyperlinks. The hyperlink allows navigation using words, images.

Anchor tag <a> is used to create hyperlinks. The elements between <a> and </a> becomes the link by clicking on which user can navigate.

<a href = " Url of Document" .. attributes-list> Link Text </a>

For Example -

target Attribute :

This attribute tells the location where the linked document will open. There are different Values of this attribute such as _blank (Opens the document in new window), _self (Opens the document in same frame), targetframe_blank (Opens the document in specified targetframe).

Image links :

We can use images also to create hyperlinks. When we click on the image we can go to the linked Url. For this we just need to put image instead of Link text.

<a href = " Url of Document" .attributes-list> <img src = “Url of image” attributes /> </a>

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