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What else can I do with a skateboard apart from tricks?

Skateboard is a common term for many different types of boards out there. Each type of board we have is used for a purpose. Doing tricks is probably the most common function of skateboards as we often see it in televised competitions and also, tricks are a part of skateboarding.

Aside from doing some tricks on complete shortboards, you can do some fun with other boards as well. I'll tell you what those are if you keep reading this post. For more great articles on skateboards, don't hesitate to visit SkateAdvisors.

Cruising around: If you are bored of traveling around by a motorbike or bicycle, then try cruising around on the street with a skateboard. You will need a cruiser board to be able to do this.

Cruiser boards are designed to deal with a lot of turns in daily commutes and are compact enough for you to bring everywhere like the store, library, restaurant, etc. If you like, you can do dome basic tricks on this board.

If you want something to go fast on long and straight distances, use a longboard. This type of board can help you balance the best and is very suitable for downhill skateboarding.

What else can you do? Sometimes you don't have to buy a skateboard just to skate. You can give it to a friend, relative or child for their birthday, or Christmas gift. If your kids share with you that they want a skateboard, this will be a great gift. They will love you more!

The skateboard can be used as a decoration. If you like skateboarding but cannot play for a reason, you can hang a skateboard indoors so you feel like you are a real skateboarder. A skateboard can make your house look more sporty.

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