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There is such a proverb: "Road spoon to dinner." If you have a goal, then you clearly know that you will achieve it even for a conditional 6,100,000 rubles. In this case, what's the point in arguing what will happen to the price in a year?

Putting an object in advertising is not so difficult, although there are rules here. But the advertisement of a real estate object gives the maximum appeal to interested parties Therefore, the sales process in reality consists of several stages:

- preparation of the object for sale;

- preparation of photographs;

- placement of the object in advertising;

- receiving and processing calls;

- organization of shows;

- price bidding;

– negotiations on the terms of the transaction and advance payment;

– preparation of documents for the transaction;

- conducting transactions and settlements;

– registration of the transaction;

- transfer of the object to the buyer.

It should be noted that placing an object in advertising is 1/11 of the total list of tasks, that is, 9% of the entire process. Why do owners neglect everything else? Because for the majority, advertising an object is not a goal, but they put it in advertising in order to get answers to those questions that can be achieved through high-quality expert advice. But the owners prefer to place the object in the database and wait.


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